• Janet tutored Patrick in the year leading up to entrance exams for three independent schools. She did a great job of filling in any gaps in his learning and motivating him to push himself in Maths, English, verbal and non-verbal reasoning. As a result he gained places at all three schools, including two scholarships (August 2013 - Louise Lee) - Entrance Exams
  • We found Janet to be very helpful and professional.  She helped our daughter gain a place at our preferred school. (June 2013 - Mrs Rowe) – Maths and English
  • We are extremely pleased with the help from Janet that has translated in my daughter's noticeable improved confidence. Janet really identified my daughter's weaknesses and abilities and provided the adequate support to allow her pass entry exams to all major Chester private senior schools. As a result of her efforts and Janet's continued support she was offered places in the 3 main private schools which made her feel very proud of herself! (April 2013 - Angie Trius) - Entrance Exams
  • My daughter has loved the extra help and at times found it invaluable, Janet has a wealth of knowledge and is always more than happy to oblige with a different time slot when required or to squeeze another lesson in. Brilliant! (September 2012 - Sarah Minshaw) - Maths and English
  • The hourly, weekly one to one tuition that all 3 of my children have received with Janet over the course of the last 5 years or so has been invaluable in helping to improve their confidence and ability in both Maths and Literacy.  The weekly structured homework also reinforces the work they have done during the lesson.  All 3 of my children have passed Entrance Exams to their chosen Independent schools.  And I am sure this is down to the support and encouragement they received from Janet.  (May 2012 – Rachel Byrne) – Maths, Literacy
  • From the initial meeting I could see that Toby and Janet would get along well - a very important part of helping Toby respect Janet and want to do his best. 
    Janet related well to Toby and each week asked about his activities and interests and listened.  Janet did well to help Toby improve confidence in his own ability which is one of the primary reasons for us contacting her.  The work Janet set Toby was progressive, achievable and suitably challenging. She did not over phase him but at the same time ensured he was pushed to his potential.  Each week Janet had an incentive to reward Toby for good work and he loved getting his double award points and the ultimate reward of stroking the rabbit.  Overall Toby really enjoyed going to see Janet twice a week and on top of his school homework , keenly worked hard for Janet.  (February 2012 – Verity Bowcock) – Entrance Exams
  • Our daughters both felt that Mrs Schofield was good at explaining things in a way they could understand.  Both girls gained a lot of confidence after working with Mrs Schofield. (September 2011 – Mrs Hart) – Maths and English/ SATs
  • I was impressed with the significant gains made by my son as a direct result of Janet’s teaching.  Janet’s professionalism in providing well planned, thoughtfully resourced and challenging lessons, allied to a warm, approachable manner provides students with the opportunity to reach their full potential.  Throughout my son’s time under Janet’s tuition he received honest appraisals of his progress.  Janet sets high standards whilst making both lessons and homework tasks enjoyable.  Lessons are clearly relevant to syllabus criteria and applicable to practical, everyday situations.  (June 2010 – Mr R. Picken) – Maths
  • I first took my eldest daughter Lucy, for maths tuition when she was in Year 4 at primary school.  Lucy was not very confident with maths and I wanted her to have the opportunity to be taught on a more personal basis, in which she could gain confidence and self belief in her abilities.  Lucy remained with Janet right up to going to high school and as a result of the tutoring she received from Janet, she has become confident and has excelled in her maths, so much so that she is going to take maths statistics at ‘A’ level.  Katy too had very little confidence to begin with but has also improved with her maths as a result of the tutoring received from Janet.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Janet as a tutor for maths, as she has enabled my daughters to have the confidence and self belief in which I hoped they would attain.  Lucy has said herself that she feels she would not have reached the level of achievement with her maths, had it not been for the tutoring she received from Janet, which I tend to agree with.  (May 2010 – Tracy Oakeshott) Maths
  • We are hugely thankful to you, and have seen him develop in ability and grow in confidence through your expert tutelage.  I would also add that Joe has very much enjoyed his sessions with you, regularly stating he wished you taught him in school.  Your professional, friendly, encouraging and detailed approach certainly got the best out of Joe! (March 2009 – Julie Andrew) – Entrance Exams
  • Our children have received excellent tuition.  She has been well prepared for lessons, reliable and has consistently offered valuable feedback.  We have found not only have our children had model academic preparation for high school but Mrs Schofield has managed to successfully motivate them, improve their confidence and instil a healthy work ethic i.e. importance of being well organised and self reliant. (March 2009 – Mr and Mrs Cowell) – Maths and English  

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